FAQ – Buying Aluminum Cans


How do I order cans?

STEP 1Contact us! Shane is your man. All sales go through him.

STEP 2 – We quote you a Freight on Board (FOB) price, which means you’ll either:

a) Organize your own transport from our warehouse (currently in Vancouver, BC Canada but coming soon to Ontario & California)


b) We organize the aluminum can transportation for you and you pay the transportation costs.

How do I get the cans?

Currently, our warehouse is in Vancouver, British Columbia Canada.

We will soon be establishing warehouse in Ontario Canada, as well as California, USA.

Are these cans of excellent quality?

  • We stand behind our aluminum cans 100%

  • The cans are tested 3x during the production process for metals and can lining

  • The aluminum cans are verified by AGAT Laboratories in Canada (ICP/MS/OES) to ensure, condition, and character.

I want printed cans, do you do that?

Why yes! Please mention that when you contact Caravan Bev Co.

Why aluminum cans?

  • Infinitely recyclable

  • Large printable surface area

  • Wide range of sizes, shapes and decorating options

  • Aluminum cans are the perfect packaging format for craft brewing – to create a compelling brand presence

  • Printed aluminum cans are compelling to the consumers — on the shelf and in consumers' hands

How much do the cans cost?

Just give us a call and we can put a quote together for you.

Where do your aluminum cans come from?

Shanghai United Can Co Ltd. is one of the largest producers of aluminum cans in Shanghai, China. They have perfected the art of aluminum can design and production.

Caravan Bev. Co. holds exclusive North American distribution rights for these aluminum cans.